Clear communication:

  • Active listening. We insist on understanding what you need and what you think.
  • Responsiveness. We won’t go silent on you.
  • The right word. Sometimes jargon is the best way to relay an idea, sometimes it’s worse than saying nothing. We operate in plain English whenever possible.


A holistic view:

  • Balanced enthusiasm. We love technology but know that continuity and reliability matter, so we never push “new for the sake of new.”
  • Human factors. Some tech problems are actually people problems that can be solved with training or a change of workflow.


Fair trade:

  • A value investment. We won’t be satisfied until you get more out of the engagement than you put in.



We want to help you understand the challenges and opportunities your business is facing. Examples of work we can do for you:

  • plan for difficult scenarios
  • manage your special project
  • help make sense of your data
  • evaluate a potential large expense
  • help you find your audience online
  • position your product against the competition
  • provide a second opinion on an important decision
  • create a new website
  • update an old website
  • write a custom application for your business
  • get cloud computing costs under control

Need something not on this list? We would be glad to discuss. Get in touch today.

Thuris and Company is a digital consultancy based in Hayward, California.

About the founder, Shawn Thuris